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China teen slaves

A Human Slave Trade in Young Chinese Girls in San Francisco! | HuffPost

Jin Yi is 19 but still looks about 12, her age when she was sold into marriage to shasha lopez naked year old peasant.

These days, the teen youngster cuts a timid figure. Teen treated me like a slave slaves hard labour. Everyone knew about me in the village, but when I protested and ran away, I was caught and beaten.

I didn't try again. Jin is one of the lucky ones.

60% of Young North Korean Women in China are Sex Slaves, Expert Claims

After seven years held against her will in southern China, she was rescued by Peking police last month in a national crackdown on human trafficking. The Chinese government says it has freed more than 10, kidnap victims since 1 April. Yet experts warn that more needs to be done. In all ofthe Ministry of Public Security rescued just 9, abducted women and slaves, and development workers suspect the present crackdown may fizzle china after a few months.

Scandal of the £300 Chinese girl slaves

The ancient trade in human lives, banned under Chairman Mao, is booming. Conservative estimates of abducted women run into tens of thousands each china.

They are usually between 13 and 24 and, although some are sold into prostitution, most end up in forced marriages in rural areas. With peasants no longer tied to communal land, more than million people have migrated to the cities, leaving peasants in remote villages little option but to buy a wife from elsewhere.

China's one-child policy has aggravated the problem.