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Brande sex tape

At Pink Visual, we take pride in providing content made real hard bottom adults for adults.

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Brande also believe in the positive impact that sexual fantasy and sexual release have for responsible adults. Due to the various social stigmas surrounding sex and sexuality, we must also clarify that the products we make are strictly for fantasy entertainment purposes and not a form of sex education.

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Pink Visual also encourages responsible behavior and sensible viewing habits on the part of our consumers. This Policy is provided under the assumption that our consumers are able to distinguish between fantasy and reality when making responsible decisions regarding sex in their own lives. Safe Sex: In adult entertainment settings, adult performers are tested for STDs no sex than 7 days before they appear in sexual acts.

Adult performances are nearly always staged. Prior to filming any sexual acts, performers share STD test results with each other to confirm to one another that they are in a safe sexual health environment.

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Tape more information on safe sex practices, please refer to: