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Sabrina, the witch no, I'm not kidding and Vince were in a Bolivian jungle where Sabrina bitched that Vince didn't provide enough food as she stood to the side not doing much.

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After the medic was called and "cleared him" to continue, Bolivian could still choose girl tap out without waiting another night, which is what he apparently did. His wife's words were "tap out if your health is in jeopardy. What a husband. Who says that?

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Ok she didn't say that he said, "No matter what" but I naked it. Additionally, after Vince left on day 16, she started talking to a rock with a smiley face on it, named, "Mushroom Man.

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And she was bitching about Vince even after he left. BTW, she's not really "alone. I know they're not to intervene, jane bbw fuck at least she knew they were there.