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According to the Census, a total ofpeople, comprising nearly 9 per cent of the total population, self-identify as a member of either an indigenous or minority community.


However, according to a census conducted by indigenous organizations, people who xixporn hd mobaile as indigenous or of African descent accounted sex with hef 20 per cent of the Honduran population.

Main minorities and indigenous peoples: There is also an Afro-Honduran Creole English-speaking minority community of around 12, who live mainly in the Honduran Bay Islands.

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In Honduras, as well as other Latin American countries, there has been a historical tendency to represent the presence and concerns of indigenous peoples as a purely pre-Columbian and pre-colonial phenomenon that gradually disappeared through absorption before the formation of the republic. Discrimination and marginalization are ongoing challenges for the country's indigenous and Afro-descendant black.

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Both continue to suffer social exclusion, poverty and intimidation. Access to healthcare and education women behind the general population: Around 23 per cent of indigenous peoples and Afro-Hondurans live in urban areas, significantly lower than the proportion 60 per cent of Latinos and mestizos mixed ethnicity.

Indigenous peoples are spread across different regions of the country, while Afro-Hondurans are located, for the most part, along the Atlantic coast.


Both groups, besides facing entrenched discrimination and limited access to essential services, honduras struggled to defend their lands in a context where land tenure ownership has not been fully resolved: Violence, land grabbing and deep poverty in rural areas have forced indigenous peoples to migrate from the countryside to cities in search of security and employment.