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Adolecent girls

Adolescence is the transition period between childhood and adulthood, a window of opportunity for the improvement of nutritional status and correcting nakedmothersanddaughters nutritional practices.

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This is about the same period puberty sets in, typically adolecent the ages of girls and 13 years in girls. Adolescence is characterised by the growth spurta period in which growth is very fast.

Adolescent girls

Adolescent nutrition is therefore important for supporting the girls growth of the body and for preventing future health problems. All parents should therefore pay particular attention to the nutritional needs of their teenagers.

Any nutritional deficiency experienced during this critical period of life can have an effect on the adolecent health of the individual and their offspring. For example, failure to consume an adequate diet at this time can result in delayed sexual maturation and delayed or retarded physical growth.


The growth spurt that occurs in adolescence, second sri lanka nudist to that in the first year of life, creates increased demands for energy and nutrients. Nutritional status and physical growth are dependent on one another such that optimal nutrition is a requisite for achieving full growth potential. Nutrition of the adolescent girl is particularly important but under-nutrition too little food or food lacking required nutrients in adolescents frequently goes unnoticed by their families or the young people themselves.