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Обратитесь к инструкциям производителя о том, как это сделать. Перейдите к папке, в которой вы только что установили свой сервер. Должна быть куча файлов и папок, включая каталог с именем той игры, которую вы только что установили, например. Измените основной файл конфигурации: Измените строку hostname это имя, которое люди будут видеть в браузере сервера и другие параметры по своему вкусу. From Valve Developer Community.

Jump to: Самый надежный способ проверить, открыто ли ваше соединение: Обратите внимание, что биты, которые вы увидите при отправке на два главных сервера, не означают, что соединение открыто.

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We are testing every server before giving it for rent. Our customers can be assured of hardware, and components quality. Our company offers a comprehensive service of technical support to its dedicated server clients. We are always here to answer your questions regarding our services. Log in Register.

There is no separate server program. So how do I run it from a different PC than the one I will play on? Download the launcher from starmade. What about when you cannot get the game for free anymore? Are people goping to need to buy 2 copies if they want to run a dedicated server on a different PC than the one they play on?

Dedicated servers in Estonia, Europe

That is a speculative question only answered by the developers, and probably not worth considering at this point in time. Currently, you can copy your starmade installation anywhere you like.

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You can run multiple copies simulaneously on the same or different computers. You can run the launcher on multiple computers, using it to download and install the current or any previous build of the game to any directories you like.

ECO dedicated Server Guide for Beta 7.0 steam release

The developers have also stated that when the game is no longer free, the previous full version demos will remain free.