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The Clown Status 7 months ago. Free PHP Web hosting. Get free PHP web hosting Free Web Hosting - Drive google direct link - Google drive file hosting elamonline 2 years ago. Free Web Hosting - Drive google direct link - Google drive file hosting Hi do neeed free web hosting life time just watch this full video.

Cloud Computing Key Features: We propose a novel CEO and co-founder Robert Jenkins explains how to assign a static IP to your cloud server which is useful if you are using it for externally exposed web services Set up your domain in Office Microsoft Office 4 years ago. Learn more about Office domains at support. Still confused about NAS? What is NAS and why you need it www. David A. The right of access - it gives EU residents the right to access their personal processed data upon request.

The right to erasure - it gives EU residents the right to request deletion of personal data. The right to restrict processing — EU individuals are given the right to restrict limit the processing of their personal data.

The right to data portability — it allows EU residents to transmit their personal data from one service provider to another. The right to object - EU individuals are given the right to object the processing of their personal data. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

How can EU individuals make a data subject access request? If an EU individual wants to access, update, delete, restrict or transfer their personal data, they can make such requests verbally, electronically or in writing. Data controllers and processors are two different entities that have different obligations and responsibilities.

A data controller is an entity that determines the purpose of the data processing; a data processor is an entity who processes and collects the data. How to request deletion of your personal information? You can submit a Data Removal Request of your personal information at any time by emailing us at privacy supportindeed. What is a Domain name and do I really need one? Domain name is the unique name of your website like yahoo. The domain name is the address of your website.

You can move your domain name entire web site from one host to another.

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How can I purchase a domain name? You can purchase a domain name from your control panel. You should follow the steps: Login to Domain or Hosting Control Panel. Follow the domain registration form. If you have troubles or need help with the pucrhase form, contact our Sales Dept. You should create one yourself i. Once you create a subdomain the system will automatically create a corresponding folder inside your File Manager menu with the same name as your subdomain. Subsequently, you should upload your web site files inside this directory to have the site files set up correctly.

How to use my already registered domain name with your web hosting service? To set up the domain with us, add the domain through the Domain Manager menu, inside your hosting control panel. You need to point your domain to the specified NS settings Name Servers. You can do so either by asking your domain provider, or you can do it yourself if you have a domain control panel. Can someone see my personal information I provide when register a domain name?

When you register a domain name your contact details are recorded in the so called WHOIS database - that maintains the contact info for all active domains.

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If you feel upset exposing your contact deatils publicly, you can legally hide it by ordering Domain Privacy Protection to your domain. Is there a way to hide my personal contact information when registering a domain name? Yes, you can hide your personal contact info to reduce the chances of identity theft and data mining by purchasing Domain Privacy Protection.

This service relaces your details with alternative to save you tons of spam and telemarketers. If any important information is sent though, it will be forwared to you. You need to follow the steps: Login to your Web Hosting Control Panel.

Go to Website Manager. Click on Subdomain Manager menu. You will be presented a screen from where you can manage your subdomains. How can I change the custom error page for my domain? You can change the default error page of your domain s only if you utilize paid account.

You will be forwarded to a page from where you can manage your subdomains. Custom page feature is active on paid accounts only. Go to DNS Records menu. Add, Edit or Delete records. Note 1: Do not change configuration unless you are absolutely sure and know what you are doing.

Note 2: For some DNS records change allow hours to take effect. I have created a subdomain however my subdomain www. Our system does not support "www" prefix for subdomains.

You can visit your site by typing in the browser subdomain. Do you have domain alias option i. Yes, you can point two different domain names to one directory. Just go to the Subdomain Manager section in your hosting control panel and edit the path of the "www" subdomain of one of your domains.

For example you have added two domains via the Domain Manager section: Go to the Subdomain Manager section. Change the subdomain path of www. Your domains will open one and the same website. Once there you should see the list of domains you currently have registered with us or transferred to us. Click on the domain you wish to edit and proceed to the DNS Settings tab. From there you can edit the NS records for your domain.

Be advised that a world-wide DNS replication takes hours. I am trying to add my domain, but the error "Domain already exists in our database" appears in the Domain Manager? This error message is appearing because your domain is already associated with another account in our system. Two accounts cannot host the same domain due to configuration conflicts. If you were using the domain in another account, please remove the domain from the Domain Manager and then try adding the domain to your new account.

FTP Client is a software that enables you to upload remotely and easily files to your hosting account by simply drag-and-drop files and folders, then they all are queued until successfully uploaded. How do I upload my website? Where should I get one from? Download FileZilla here. The FTP settings are as follows: FTP Host: FTP Username: FTP Password: How to Delete, Rename or Move files or directories? Inside your Web Hosting Control Panel simply mark the check box corresponding to the file or directory you would like to manage and click the command button Rename or Move.

When you move files a dialog box pops up where you need to specify the path where the file should be moved e. All php files need permissions to work properly. Yes, you can. Inside your hosting control panel, File Manager section, next to each file there is an icon in the form of a paper sheet. Do not open more than one file in edit mode to avoid browser session mixing their content and even causing data loss.

How do I upload my files using the File Manager? To upload a locally stored document, please observe the following steps: Browse to the specific directory inside the File Manager where you would like the file to be uploaded.

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Click "OK" button. Now you are ready to FTP your account. Free accounts: Then you should scroll down until you see a frame called "File Upload" and from there you can upload up to three files at once. If you use the Advanced File Manager, you would need to double-click on your domain directory and then in the navigation bar located on top there is an "Upload" button.

Click on it and a window will pop-up. Then go to "Browse" and select the files you want to upload. When you select all your website files click on the "Send" button.

With it you can install Joomla or WordPress on all shared hosting plans for less then a minute. On the paid shared hosting accounts there are more software packages available for installation hide answer. Why I constantly receive FTP error: Operation not permitted. This error message normally occurs on free type accounts. In this case the error message is generated due to to the size of the file - it is bigger than 2MB which exceeds the file size limit on the free type account.

My website returns "Parse error: This tutorial will show you how to point your domain name to your Google Cloud Platform It would be unrealistic to say that a website will never Compare Top 10 Australian Web Hosts. Healthy Happy with CBD 3 years ago. Get more info. Register now: How to add an addon domain in cPanel x3 InMotion Hosting 4 years ago.

An addon domain is any domain added to your hosting account that will be used as a separate domain. This can be added easily within your cPanel.

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Daily Income 2 years ago. Check out my blog-post to find all useful information and codes used on the video: In this in-depth Inmotion Hosting review, I go over some of the key features of their hosting plans, as well as performance benchmarks and website speeds Michael Gibson.

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