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We are not able to access the server via IPMI either, so we are having to escalate the issue to the datacenter, we will update this page when we get more info.

We have resolved the issue with BIND and have reverted back to it, please open a support ticket if you have any issues. The server baracus. The nameservers on the server hermes. We are working on it. We will keep this page updated when we receive further information.

We found that an automated named. We have reverted to a backup of the named. Servers in the Atlanta datacenter were unavailable for a few minutes earlier this evening when the data was under attack from a massive DDOS.

This has been nullified and the network is accessible again, apologies for any inconvinience caused. This should now be resolved, please let us know if it persists. The DC is checking on this now and we will update you when we get further information. Drive replacement and RAID rebuild is now completed. This has been pushed back to the early hours of Sunday Morning 15th April.

The server will be taken down to replace the drive and when back online the RAID array will be rebuilt, which will cause sub-optimum performance until the RAID rebuild has been completed. One of our upstream providers cogent is doing some maintenance on their circuit April 14th.

Start time: The official cause of the outage we received from the DC was:. The datacenter have provided us with the following information regarding the Atlanta network outage experienced on May 5th:. Thus we had to close the layer 2 link to Cogent. They anticipated the completion of the maintenance by 7: Update, Thurs May 5th: The network issue reappeared for around 45 mins this morning meaning we were unable to access our client area to answer tickets.

Updates were posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Apologies for this unacceptable Atlanta network performance of the past few days, unfortunately it is out of our control and we are at the mercy of the datacentre, we will be taking it up with their management to see if we can get any further updates for you.

This is mainly related to not-fully propagated routes across the service providers around the world. Thus if a packet goes through the network which does not have updated records, it loops until the TTL of this packet is expired.

We are working on this issue along with the DC techs and will try to get it resolved as quick as possible. The updates will follow on our forums. The network loop is noticed through nLayer, Tinet. That means if packets from your end-devices are routed through these carriers, the packets will be looped until TTL of the packet is expired.

EN-E3-1240-32GB (Dedicated server)

We still work along with the DC techs to get this resolved but everything is fine inside our network. We just need the routes to get fully propagated to other service providers around the world. We are experiencing sporadic outages due to a network issue at the Atlanta Datacenter. This appear to be effecting a handful of servers and is causing intermettent connections.

The status updates provided by the DC indicate the issue is caused by a routing loop effecting multiple IP ranges, they are working on it at present. So we will post updates here as and when we get them. This is only effecting servers located in Atlanta, US.

The following servers will have their Kernals updated in the early hours of Wednesday 21st March. Hyrule came back online earlier today after a hard reboot, apologies for any inconvinience caused. The servers will be rebooted to complete the update, so will be down for 10 - 20 minutes whilst they boot back up. We are currently upgrading the Kernals on the following servers, each server will need to be rebooted to complete the upgrade.

Downtime will be 10 - 20 minutes per server:. We will be migrating data on the server nash. The migration has now been completed, please let us know if you have any issues. The server is currently running sluggishly due to a large number of MySQL queries in "locked" status, causing high memory usage.

We are working on this now. Load has been brought under control and sites are loading normally. Please let us know if you have any further issues. MySQL will be upgraded to version 5. The PHP rebuild will take no longer than 1 hour. Load on this server is very high, causing it to be very sluggish, we are checking it now. We have temporarily stopped httpd on the server to enable us to investigate what is causing the load. We are keeping httpd offline for the moment as it will enable us to work faster on the server, without experiencing the sluggishness.

Server is now back online, please open a support ticket if you have any issues. We will shortly be taking the server down to replace a failing drive in the RAID array. Once the drive is replaced, the RAID array will be rebuilt, this is a resource intensive process and may result in a bit of sluggishness until it has been completed. We have the network maintenance scheduled between Maintenance will be performed on hardware carrying some Atlanta upstream connections on Friday, December 30th.

Downtime is not anticipated, but some sub-optimal routing may be experienced as traffic is shifted between providers. Updates to follow. The server is now back online, please open a ticket if you are still facing issues.

The server will be rebooted at 2. This update is needed to resolve the performance issues you have been experiencing lately - one of the drives is being recognized as an IDE drive rather than SATA which is causing a large IO bottleneck, the kernal upgrade will fix this issue.

The server is up but running very slowly, we are working on it. The cPanel backup script was causing the load issues, we are manually killing off the proccesses. Load is now coming down, if you give it 10 minutes or so everything should be back to normal. We will be rebooting the server in the early hours of Thursday November 3rd to boot it into the CloudLinux kernal.

Downtime will be 10 - 30 minutes. We will try and get them to provide us with KVM access so we can work on the server ourselves. There was a problem with grub on the server.

The reinstallation of grub resolved the part of the problem. Grub could not find the kernel files which was the second part of the problem which had to be fixed as well.

As it was being done through KVM remotely, it took a bit longer to rectify the issue. Now the server is up but we will need to change the network settings to bring it back on the network as it was connected to PXE VLAN to get it loaded on rescue image. Server is now back online and sites accessible, please let us know if you continue to have any issues.

Final Update: All sites should now be back online, if you are still having problems please can you open a support ticket and we will check it out for you. Apologies for the extended downtime, we will send an incident report to all affected Clients in the next couple of days.

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We will update this report with more info as we get it. We have found an issue with one of the drives, so we are rebooting the server and forcing a FSCK. During this time the server will be offline, the FSCK can take anything from 30 mins to a number of hours depending how much data there is to check. We will update you with more info when available. The RAID card is failing to be detected, we are replacing it with a new one.

The main drive is completely dead and cannot be found by the server. We have replaced it and we are installing the OS on it. Once that is done we will install cPanel and we will restore the data from the backup drive.

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Server is back online, we are now proceeding to install cpanel on the server. Please hold on. As there are around accounts to be copied over and the size of data to be copied is high, it may take a few more hours.

We estimate there is around GB left to be copied. The sync is almost complete, accounts are being syncd in order and we are currently on the letter "Y". Once the sync is complete we will repair any permission errors and that should then see sites come back online. The sync has been completed and some sites back online. Others showing either an Internal Server error, or a Forbidden message will need file permissions fixing. We are currently running a script that will do this, like the sync, it will run through the accounts in alphabetical order.

All accounts with a cPanel username starting with A - D should now be back online. Still having issues with the permissions, we are working on this and will update you soon. We have been notified by the datacenter that there is a scheduled network maintenance that will be carried out Further details follow: Maintenance Notification: Atlanta Time: Upstream scheduled maintenance Impacted services: We have been informed of scheduled maintenance that will briefly impact our Cogent upstream connection on the Silver network in Atlanta on Sunday, October 30th.

During this time period customers on the Silver network may experience some sub-optimal routing as traffic shifts to other providers. However, changes need to be made to the Network Switch and the Engineers will be carrying this out shortly. This should resolve the issues users have been facing over the past few days, downtime is expected to be 2 - 4 hours. We will get the server back online and then do more checks at off peak hours. We are aware that there are issues on Wilde server and have reported this to the data center.

We will update when we have more information. We are aware of performance issues on the Wilde server, causing websites to load very slowy. We are aware of the issue and are checking it now. We are aware that there is an issue on Wilde server we are in touch with the data center to fix this. We wil update when we have more information. We are aware that there is an issue on Nash server and have contacted the Data Center for more information and will up-date when we have more information.

We will be rebooted all of our shared servers onto a new Kernal in the coming days, so during the reboot websites will be unavailable.

ddr4 dedicated server

Maintenance will be performed on some of our core hardware on Thursday, July 21st, requiring a restart of this hardware.

This will impact traffic passing through several providers causing traffic to reroute through other upstream connections. It will also impact traffic passing through nLayer network, causing rerouting on this network as well. Other upstream will not be impacted.

Some disruption may be experienced during this maintenance as rerouting takes effect. Work on this issue is scheduled between We are aware that there are currently problems on the UK Server, Nash. We have contacted the data center about this for more information and will update as soon as we receive the info. Thank you for your patience. This appears to be due to a NFS being down and as such cPanel is hanging when trying to connect to it.

We have opened a ticket with the datacenter about this and should have it resolved soon. If you are still unable to access please clear your cache, or try accessing from a different browser. If you continue to have issues please open a support ticket. We need to recalculate the quota on the servers BullseyeGoronHyrule and Shaw as they are showing incorrect disk usage data.

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We are going to be doing this during off peak hours; 1am EST on Saturday 26th Feb, and downtime for each server should be no more than 30 minutes. It would seem that there is a problem with the server, Nash, currently. We are in touch with the data centre to try and ascertain the problem and to get an estimated time of resolution. The Data Centre became aware of power issues affecting UK servers. The power has now been restored and the servers are now coming back online.

We will keep you updated here when Nash is fully powered and retored. The quota on the Goronserver has become damaged and needs to be manually rebuilt. During this time websites and email will be down. The quota on the Hermes server has become damaged and needs to be manually rebuilt. We are currently working on fixing the issue. To stop this from happening to us and you!

The servers usually only take a couple of minutes to boot back up, but can take up to 1 hour in some cases. Some users have opened tickets reporting websites being unavailable and connections dropping out, this is only effecting certain users, so if this is effecting you, could we please ask you to do the following on your computer, and then send the results to our technical support department so we can track down the issue:. To perform a tracert on a Windows machine: During the reboot sites will be unavailable, it should be for more than 20 - 30 minutes.

We are going to be moving the server wilde. There is expected to around 1 hour of downtime for sites and email on the server wilde. This has now been completed, we are now going to tweak the firewall settings on the server. We are currently having a few issues with our credit card processing system, so we are unable to process card payments.

We are aware of the issue and are working with the gateway to get it resolved. We are aware that at around 7pm GMT, clients have been experiencing loading issues when logging into their cPanel, only half of the page will load, if that.

We are aware of the problem and are currently working to get this fixed. We will update this page when we have more information. This has now been resolved, please contact us if you face any further issues. Sites are currently not resolving correctly, we are aware of this and are currently working on the server.

There was a firewall misconfiguration on the server. Once all the zones have been re-loaded the sites will be back online. All sites are now back online, please let us know if you have any further issues. Status Update 1: Status Update 2: We have moved all sites back to the old servers whilst we sort out the routing issues on the IP blocks, if you still see a "Site is being moved" page, you can either edit your.

Status Update 3: The IP routing issue has been resolved and we are now continuing with the migration, apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you so far. Status Update 4: A small number of scripts are having problems with blank pages and depreciated functions, this is due to the PHP version used on the new servers, we are currently manually compiling PHP and downgrading it back to the version we had on the old servers - During this time you may encounter a few " internal server error" messages when visiting your sites, this is temporary and will be fixed one the recompile is complete.

Status Update 5: The migration is now complete for all servers except Bullseye which is still transferring. If you find you are missing any files or websites then please let us know ASAP and we will re-sync everything for you.

We are currently installing RVSitebuilder on all the servers and will then proceed with the Fantastico installation, so both of the addons should be installed today. During the next few days, the following servers will be migrated to new hardware in a new data center:. We are also utilizing an external backup system that will provide us not only with account level backups, but also full file system backups so we can get back up and running much quicker if any disaster occurs!

The geographical location of the new data center is in Florida, so any of you that are based in the Florida area may even be able to see the new machines from your bedroom window. We will send you all an email when the migration is complete, but until then, please let us know if you have any problems. This server migration does not effect clients hosted on our UK servers or Dedicated server clients.

We have suspended the user and freed up some space. The MySQL problems were due to databases becoming corrupt when there was no more disk space for them to work in, if you still face problems please let us know.

A number of users are reporting "Cannot connect to Database" errors on their database driven websites, we are aware of the problem and are currently investigating. After setting the PTR record for the server and tweaking the hostname, Apache is refusing to restart and as such sites are not resolving, we are working on the problem and will have everything back up ASAP.

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The Hyrule server has become un-responsive, we are currently working on the server and will post status updates on this page. Sites on the server nash. This has been resolved, please let us know if you have any further issues. The server hyrule.

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We are going to reboot the server and will update this thread when we have more information. The server is now back online after a reboot, we are investigating to see what caused the issue.

We are going to be taking the server down to replace a drive, during this time the D9 Hosting websites will be unavailable. The server is used for the D9 client area, no customer websites will be effected.

It has come to our attention that quite a lot of accounts on the Wilde server have been hacked, and had their index pages replaced. We are going to restore the accounts from our backups, we will update this page when it has been completed.

What we are doing at present is running a report to list all files that were modified on the 16th May when the hack took place so we have a full list of every account that has been infected, we can then go ahead and restore those accounts. Can we also take this time to remind users to ensure all scripts are kept up to date at all times. The restore is now complete, please let us know if you find any more defaced files.

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Dedicated server enables to use larger data storage [ Частные сервера позволяют хранить больше данных и позволяют использовать [ The original documents are shipped via the postal service Russian Post, or you can fetch them yourself in Moscow.

All Dedicated and Virtual servers their Operating System are managed by the client themselves, unless the Administration service is ordered. With the help of these instant messengers, you can only consult with us or discuss issues. In the event of receipt of abuses, the Client undertakes to take measures within a given period, to eliminate violations and notify the Provider about it.

Intentional violation criminal actions of the "Acceptable Usage Policy" entails the blocking of services and in some cases the entire account, without the possibility of creating new orders and even tickets. We do not make a refund in connection with an intentional violation of the "Acceptable Usage Policy".

In some cases, we require payment to unlock the server due to a number of violations. For Virtual Servers, there is a free backup of the whole disk image once a week. To configure the backup of specific data on Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers, the Client can contact the support service by creating a ticket. The Client agrees to communicate with the Provider respectfully. In the case of a direct threat to the company or its reputation, we can refuse service or lock the account.

If the ordered server does not correspond to the configuration specified in the Personal Area, the Client has the right within the first 14 days to contact us for resolving this issue. Claims on this issue, issued after the first 14 days, will be rejected if the resolution of this issue will cause financial costs of the Provider.

Цены для Физ. Жёсткий диск. Operating system. Type of OS installation and software set Только Linux. Additionally Promocode. Один сервер Два сервера Три сервера Четыре сервера Пять серверов.

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