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The credits in the list are the number you have available for the transaction. If you do not have enough credits, we take you to the shopping cart to complete the purchase. Your backordered domain name displays on the Backorders and Monitoring page of the Domain Manager. Справка Домены.

Private Domain Registration: An Informed Decision for Maintaining Privacy

Setting up Domain Backorders If you want to capture a domain name that someone else currently has registered, you can place a backorder. Log in to your My Products page. Click Manage All: Click Add Backorders. The Backorder Domains window displays.

For Backorder typeselect one of the following: Public — Lists your personal contact information in the Whois database. Private — Publishes proxy contact information in the Whois database. Enter the domain names you want to backorder one per lineand then click Next. Complete the following, and then click Next: Email address 1 — Enter the email address you want us to send status-change notifications to.

Optional Email address 2 — Enter the secondary email address you want us to send status-change notifications to. If necessary, edit your contact information, and then click Next.

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From the Number of credits to use list, select the number of credits you want to apply, and then click Next. An Informed Decision for Maintaining Privacy There are many things to think about when registering a domain name. What do you want the domain to be? How many domains should you buy? Where will you host your domain? But what many fail to consider is, how can I protect my personal information? The answer is simple: Private Domain Registration.

Did you know that when you fill out the forms when you buy a domain name that most of the personal information will be made public? It reveals your name, your full mailing address, your phone number, and your email address.

This information can be used to contact you if, for example, your website is down or somebody would like to make an offer to purchase your domain name from you. While some uses of the WHOIS lookup are valid, they are made obsolete by a simple website contact form.

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Having this kind of information easily available online is a personal security risk. With your mailing address somebody could visit your house or send you junk mail.

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With an email address, an attacker could send you spam. With your phone number, you might notice an increase in telemarketers. Any person in the world with an internet connection can access all this information by entering your domain name in any WHOIS service e.

With all the risks, you might be hesitant to reserve a domain name in the first place. There is a simple solution that most domain registrars offer. This will keep your personal information off publicly visible records. Is Private Domain Registration for you?