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Как добавить нового пользователя? Настройка правил Firewall. Знакомство с панелью управления. Создание виртуальной машины из коллекции. Изменение размера виртуальной машины. Знакомство с My.

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Начало работы в My. Учетная запись My. Элементы учетной записи. Быстрое создание сети. Создание сети с пользовательскими настройками. Настройка адресного пространства.

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Настройка NAT и прямого подключения к Интернет. Настройка подключения типа Сеть-Сеть. Панель мониторинга виртуальной сети. Настройка виртуальной машины. Создание автономной виртуальной машины. Быстрое создание роли виртуальной машины. Создание роли виртуальной машины из коллекции. Подключение виртуальной машины к сети. Клонирование виртуальной машины.

Изменение размера автономной виртуальной машины. Расширение диска автономной виртуальной машины. Присоединение ISO-образа к виртуальной машине. Изменение количества экземпляров роли виртуальной машины. Панель мониторинга виртуальной машины. Работа с виртуальной машиной.

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Запуск виртуальной машины. Приостановка виртуальной машины. Возобновление работы виртуальной машины. In its early days just over 10 years ago, the cloud primarily provided storage and computing capacities online and thus was considered a cheap and convenient alternative for companies to process their more and more increasing amounts of data.

Over time, another major advantage emerged: Today, the cloud represents, beyond the IT infrastructure, also a platform for software development as well as ready-to-use application software in the form of online services.

The cloud is everywhere. Explore the cloud in all its features and benefits for private and business users. Also learn how to preserve data security and privacy. Get our free infographic "The Cloud - Explained Simply" at the end of this blog post. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST defines the cloud as a network of computing resources, such as storage, servers, applications and services, that can be used on-demand anywhere and anytime via the Internet.

Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources e. NIST, According to the NIST cloud computing has the following five characteristics: Cloud computing is categorized according to different service models: This is often represented in a pyramid stack model: IaaS are basic services providing virtual infrastructure, such as storage and computing capacities.

Instead of buying expensive hardware, companies can rent the server capacities they need for their purposes.

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In total, this saves resources because the capacity rented and used may be easily adapted to the actual need. Although the servers are located in data centers of the provider which the users cannot access, they are still responsible for administration and configuration. PaaS is the next logical step after IaaS.

Companies can rent predefined platforms for software development in the cloud. This is often used for the development of applications. The provider of PaaS deals with administration and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure, so that the users can start programming right away.

SaaS is what most people associate with the cloud. SaaS describes cloud-based application software, which the end-user can access from various devices.

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Basically the software is rented all-inclusive: Therefore, you do not need to be particularly tech-savvy to use these cloud services. Everything is set up ready-to-use for you. You will interact with a user interface, which you usually cannot modify. SAP as well offers cloud-based systems for business processes. Further examples are the Google Apps and Microsoft Officeencouraging collaboration and productivity in teams. Especially interesting for private users are probably cloud storage services, like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

If computers of the kind I have advocated become the computers of the future, then computing may someday be organized as a public utility, just as the telephone system is a public utility. The computer utility could become the basis of a new and important industry.

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John McCarthy, Для разрешения соединения ко всем портам сервера с конкретного IP-адреса можно использовать эту команду:. Вы можете просмотреть имена всех интерфейсов сервера при помощи команды ifconfig -a. Общие вопросы.

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Первоначальные требования Для настройки firewall с помощью ufw следует подключиться к серверу с правами суперпользователя. Установка и проверка статуса Если по умолчанию на виртуальном сервере ufw не установлена, используйте Ваш пакетный менеджер: Available applications: OpenSSH Title: Secure shell server, an rshd replacement Description: