We Go to the Chiropractor As a Family

There are a lot of San Jose chiropractors so I thought it would be hard to know which one was the right choice for my family. We had recently moved here from a small town nearly 400 miles away, so we knew next to nothing about anything here in San Jose. I wanted to find a great chiropractor though because my husband and I along with our two sons get regular adjustments done. I knew just missing one or two would not be a big deal, but I also knew that the more we missed, the easier it would be to keep missing them.

The reason we all started going was because our son was injured in a football game. We did not take him to the doctor because he was mainly just sore. His coach did recommend taking him to a chiropractor though after a few days and he still wasn’t back to 100 percent. The chiropractor did take some X-rays just to be able to clear up whether major damage was done or not. None of us thought that there was any because he was still getting around okay, even though there was pain involved in it.

After two adjustments in the first week, our son told us that he not only felt better from the injury but that he was also feeling better overall. The chiropractor had talked with me about chiropractic care and how it could help all of us in the family, so I decided it was worth a shot. Our insurance covers the majority of the cost, minus a very small copay. The amazing thing is, all four of us felt so much better after a few adjustments, which is why this is so important for us to maintain. It was actually easy finding one here in San Jose, and we are all completely happy with their services!