My Daughter Got Me to a Chiropractor

I absolutely did not want to see the West Phoenix chiropractor that my daughter wanted me to see. She has been seeing him on a regular basis for years, but I honestly did not think that it would do me any good. I was having a rough time after a car accident though, and she was pretty insistent upon me going to the chiropractor. I finally made an appointment for two reasons. The first is because my insurance would cover the cost of it minus a very small copay. The second reason is because I figured it would get her off my back.

Not once did I think that going would help me any, so the joke was actually on me. When I got there, I was given a quick exam, and then she talked with me about the kind of pain I was feeling. She had me do some range of motion exercises so she could see exactly what was going on. When she explained about adjustments and told me that she would like to do one on me, I thought I had nothing to lose. Once again, I was wrong, because I had a lot to lose. By that, I mean the pain that I was experiencing.

I won’t say that it was overnight, but I could definitely tell a difference just from that first adjustment. I walked out of the office a lot easier than I had walked into it, and I also walked out with an appointment card for my next adjustment. I had quite a few for about a month, and now I am going about once every other month. My daughter likes to tease me because I go more frequently than she does, but what can I say. I feel so much better, and I just wish I would have listened to her much earlier.