Things Are Going Great over Here

I have been here for nearly six weeks now and I have to say that things are going rather well for me. I have a place within sight of the beach, here in a suburb of Sydney and my job is going extremely well. When the big shots in the company sent me over here they acted as though the situation was desperate, but when I got here I found that everything was quite easy to fix. Today I am looking to buy viagra in Australia online, because I have met a very nice woman. I was playing golf with an important client at the time and some way or another I got lucky. It seems as though this is just a matter of good timing. She is about my age, but perhaps a few years younger and like me she had been in a long term relationship that had gone belly up. She has three children, a nine year old girl and sons aged seven and five. This is not really about them it seems, she does not seem to want me to meet them.

In truth I think she likes the fact that I should be back in the states within a couple of months. In truth I could go back right now if I told the bosses that everything was kosher, but this is really like a vacation. There was a woman here who was perfectly capable of running this show and since she can I have let her do it. I promoted her and now I am sitting back and making sure that she is going to be able to handle it. The guy I skipped over is not too happy, but he can go ahead and leave if he wants. I can manage with or without him.