The Kids Just Want Fun

The first time I saw the San Francisco chiropractor was when I had an injury from playing with my kids. I was with them at the park and they wanted to go on the swing set. I was pushing them, and they wanted me to get on with them. I told them that I was too big for the swing set, but they insisted that I would be able to fit. I should have just trusted my gut instinct. I got on the swing set and had a little fun, but minutes later, I fell of and right onto my back. The kids laughed until they realized I was hurt.

We had to go from the park back to our home again. Once home, I looked for a chiropractor in the area and went to go see him. I thought my back was in terrible shape, but the injury wasn’t that bad. The chiropractor simply told me to keep the back at rest and the injury would heal before I knew it. My kids wanted me to come play with them on the swings again when they saw that I was feeling a little better, but I told them that I couldn’t do it, which made them sad.

I sat my kids down and had them do something a little less intensive. I showed them an old puzzle that I had as a kid. It was something that my father had bought me when he was in Europe once. The puzzle was a box that was sealed, and the point of it was to get it unsealed. The kids tried as hard as they could to figure it out, but they couldn’t get it open. They pulled at it for hours, and I knew how to get it open, but I wouldn’t tell them the solution.