It Was There the Whole Time

My old back just doesn’t want to keep up with me anymore. I can’t even dance without having some trouble from it. Recently I needed a chiropractor, and I figured that I would have to travel a long way to get to one, but there was one pretty close to me. Finding out that there was a chiropractor in Cumming GA within walking distance was a shock to me. I had been by the plaza where the chiropractor was located, but had never noticed that an office was there. I figured it was a new addition, but apparently it had been there for a long time.

As I went to the chiropractor, I just couldn’t believe that it was in plain sight and I had never seen it. Apparently I wasn’t alone in this, because other patients inside the office had the same thought. As the chiropractor examined me, I asked about the location of the office, and he told me that people always tell him that they didn’t know it was there. I told him that they should put a bright, neon sign on the outside, but that would probably make it look more like a casino than a chiropractor’s office.

My back troubles were pretty minor, so the chiropractor didn’t have to do anything major for me. Just a little rest and relaxation was all I needed, and some common medication would take care of any pain flare ups that would arise. I don’t mind visiting the chiropractor when I have problems, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to go at all. I suppose I’ll have to talk to my body in order to get it to keep up with me. I’m going to ask my friends if they knew about the chiropractor’s office in the plaza.