I Hurt My Back Helping My Friend

I knew that I was going to hurt the day after I helped my best friend and his family move. We only had one day, so we had to move pretty fast. It also meant we took shortcuts, which is something I regretted the next morning. There really was no other option though, and I was right that I felt it the next day. I woke up in a world of pain, and I ended up taking a lazy day. The next day I wasn’t better though, which is when I decided to do a search for Concord chiropractors .

I had not been to one before, but it was just the logical choice. I was not really injured, and I was not ill. Those are the two times I would go to my regular doctor. I was just feeling really sore, and there was nothing that my family doctor could have done for me in that case. Since the majority of my pain was in my shoulders and back, I knew that a chiropractor would be the best choice, and it was. I was able to get in there that day, mainly because I told the receptionist how I was a lot of pain.

The chiropractor tested my range of motion, which was not as impressive as I had hoped it would be. Even with how sore I was, I was surprised at how limited I was in moving around. That did not last long at all though. The chiropractor explained what spinal adjustments are, how they are done, and the intended result from having one done. I was on board with everything he suggested, and I laid down on a special table so he could properly do the adjustment. Even before I walked out the door not much later, I felt so much better!