Celebrating the Professional Accomplishments of Pathway Genomic’s Founder

Jim Plante has developed a well-deserved reputation as one of today’s leaders in investment and entrepreneurship in the field of biotechnology. With over 25 years of success in the field, he has played an integral role in establishing biotech companies that offer innovative products and services. Read on to find out a little bit about his professional history below.

Relevant Education

Mr. Plante began his education by obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering. He graduated from Southern Illinois University and began his career as an investor and entrepreneur, focusing on the technology industry and biotech in particular.

Early Work History

At the age of 30, Mr. Plante played a key role in acquiring Beltronics, a well-known provider global provider of high-performance millimeter wave safety systems. As the company’s interim president, Plante turned Beltronics around by helping to launch an innovative product line.

This industry leader also played an integral role in launching the first multigigabit capacity communications links as the CEO of E-Band Communications. He then went on to found SmartDrive Systems, a company that was responsible for developing the SAAS commercial vehicle safety program, in 2004. SmartDrive’s GPS, audio, and video-integrated platform offered drivers one of the most effective real-time monitoring systems of its day.

Recent Work

In 2008, Plante helped to found Pathway Genomics. He also served as a chairman of the company’s board and its CEO. Under his guidance, the company began the production of state-of-the-art genetic testing devices that led the field in terms of genetic testing.

Plante’s motivation to found Pathway Genomics hearkens back to his early life, in which his father suffered from polycystic kidney disease. At the time, there were not adequate testing measures in place for diagnosing his father’s disease and he died as a result.

Upon discovering that he suffered from the same genetically inherited disorder, Plante had a kidney transplant and decided to devote his life to helping others get the affordable and effective genetic testing they need to receive an early diagnosis of this and other genetic diseases and disorders. His work with Pathway Genomics has helped doctors prevent disease and develop personalized treatment plants that ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

Three World-Changing Technologies That Entrepreneurs Have Helped Bring to Market

Technology has advanced at a record-setting pace over the past few decades, and that has created many opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Getting in on the ground floor of a new technological development can produce a fortune the likes of which would previously have been impossible to imagine. Successful entrepreneurs and investors like Jim Plante have helped bring many impressive types of technology to market in recent years.

Technologies That Improve Life and Produce Outstanding Returns

People all over are now surrounded by various types of technology on a daily basis. In many cases, the products and systems involved will have been invented only shortly before taking the whole world by storm. Some of the types of technologies that have ballooned into nearly universal acceptance quite quickly include:

  • Gigabit wireless. Although consumers can not yet rely on having gigabit-class wireless connections of their own, providers have had access to them for some time. While it will sometimes be practical to link cellular towers to the Internet by physical means, many applications demand more flexible types of connections. Highly focused beams of electromagnetic energy can be used to create wireless network of impressive capacity and reliability. Companies like E-Band Communications that first brought such systems to market thereby enabled some truly prodigious leaps for their customers.
  • Vehicle safety. Automobile manufacturers have been working for many years to make passenger cars and trucks safer. Impressive developments with regard to structural engineering and safety systems like airbags have helped cut mortality and injury rates significantly. Even more advanced approaches that incorporate the latest in digital technology are now enabling new levels of safety, in many cases. Specialists like SmartDrive Systems help manufacturers make the most of such options by providing access to them in especially convenient forms.
  • Genomic medicine. For many years, health experts have realized that treatments tailored to suit the genetic backgrounds of particular patients could be the most effective of all. Companies like Pathway Genomics are even now working toward making such procedures more common.

Many Ways to Leverage Technology to Benefit Everyone

Entrepreneurs and investors who support the development and distribution of such technologies help improve life for people all over the world. In addition, many find themselves being richly and appropriately rewarded for their successes.

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Why You Need Dental Hygiene or Care

It is always important to take care of your mouth, teeth and gums and this is so that you can help prevent tooth decay and bad breath and gum disease and this will also help you when you get older. Here, in this talk, we will take a look at the significance of dental cleanliness and why we have to guarantee that we enjoy it. Oral wellbeing is vital on the grounds that it has an association with your general wellbeing and in this manner you need to ensure that you keep up great cleanliness to deal with your teeth. It is interesting that genetics also play a role when it comes to cavities but regular brushing and preventative dental care can help when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Ensure that you brush your teeth routinely with the goal that you can evacuate plaque which typically causes and is likewise ready to animate your gums so as to deal with them and prevent gum infections. When you get the chance to ensure that you sharpen genuine oral tidiness by ordinary visits to the dental professional you will be in a circumstance to recognize disease adequately. With a cautious examination, the dental expert can discover any issues and diseases that may be at their earlier stages which would then have the capacity to be overseen successfully.

When you don’t find the opportunity to manage your teeth, you will find that illnesses that start from the get-go in your mouth can later incite more stunning conditions and more unfortunate prosperity concerns if not discovered early. For example, gingivitis which is a to a great degree ordinary provocative ailment of the gums can without a doubt shape into periodontitis which is more honest to goodness condition which can even provoke tooth mishap. Another inspiration driving why dental care is basic is that the powerlessness to take awesome care of your teeth can incite the headway of various complexities like asthma, joint agony, and awkward births.

Dental medicinal services ought not to be underestimated and this is on account of if not considered important it can lead to death. This implies you need to ensure that you can take after dental cleanliness tips, for example, eating sound and keeping away from sugary bites. You ought to likewise stay away from tobacco items and guarantee that you wash your mouth after suppers and brush your teeth no less than two times per day. In this discussion, we have had the ability to look at the criticalness of dental tidiness and why it is basic to manage your teeth. For more info, you can click here to see more here and get the chance to discover more about dental care.

Flu Shots and a Workforce

While flu season is about to wrap up, those who own or manage a business will find it beneficial to start planning for next season. If an organization was hit hard this flu season, consider working with a company that will send a nurse out to take care of the flu vaccine for employees. Here is additional information to help with the decision and planning.

Workplace Planning

Employers should prepare in the event that a large percentage of their workforce will be unable to work during flu season. A business should have a continuity plan to focus on solutions should the problem arise. Consider how many absences the organization can handle before operations are interrupted. Then, determine how to keep everything running during an interruption. Last, come up with the changes that can be made to keep a business operating effectively.

Flu Season

October and November are the months that cases of the flu virus increase. Most of the activity is between December and February. There have even been reports as early as October and as late as May.

Flu Shot

It is best to get vaccinated before flu season begins, or at least before it goes full force. This will allow the body an opportunity to build up immunity to the virus. The reason it must be done each year is that the virus changes. The prior year’s vaccine is partially or totally useless. While organizations find it very beneficial to offer this service to employees, it isn’t something that can be mandated. This is primarily because of the ADA as well as other legal issues.

Educating Employees

While everyone will not opt for flu shots, it is a good idea to hold some team meetings ahead of time and just remind everyone of simple steps to protect themselves. Reminders about eating healthy and balanced meals and taking any vitamins that a doctor has already recommended are some things to start with. Then, discuss measures that everyone should take to frequently disinfect communal spaces. Provide employees with wipes to clean frequently touched items like keyboards, desks, and telephones.

Those interested in offering a flu shot to their employees, visit https://www.maxwellhealth.co.nz/onsite-vaccinations/ to get additional information. If there are at least 10 people in the company planning to participate, a workplace visit is ideal. Schedule a time that works and there will be minimal disruption to the workday.

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Tips To Help You Choose The Best Orlando Family Dentist

Your oral health is of importance. This will help in the prevention of any tooth illnesses and decay. In Orlando you will find many family dentists. It is important you choose the right one who can cater to all the needs of your family. However, this can be challenging because you cannot easily tell the best. This guide provides you with tips to help you select the best Orlando family dentist.

First, you need to research to identify the best family dentists in Orlando . You can use the internet to find this information.Give first consideration to family dentists who are near your place of work or home.View the profile of the dentists. Check for their ratings.Remember to read customer reviews. This is the easiest way to know reliable family dentists.

Alternatively, you can talk your family and friends to advise you on the best family dentists in Orlando. You will get a list of the potential family dentists. Word of mouth is a trusted way of delivering credible information. However, do not depend only on what you are told, make sure you do further investigation. This is in order for you to identify a family dentist who can meet your needs well.

Additionally, choose a family dentist in Orlando who is licensed and certified to provide services. This proves that the dentist has the necessary training and skills to deliver quality services. Choose a family dentist who has experience. It is essential you select a family dentist who has been practicing for a long time. This way you can be comfortable knowing they can handle even the most complicated dental procedures.

Also, choose a family dentist in Orlando who has excellent customer service as the page shows. This is why it is advisable to call and book appointment for conducting an interview. It is advisable to choose at least three to four dentists who meet your requirements. You will have an easy time to make comparisons and identify the best. You also get to have alternative family dentists in case your first choice doesn’t come through. Ask the family dentist to give you contacts of previous patients. This will enable you to confirm if their services are reliable.You need to choose a family dentist you are comfortable with for effective communication. Get to know if the family dentist can be able to see you when need be. It is essential to have a budget before you settle for a particular dentist in Orlando.

This is the easiest way to limit your search. Your main focus needs to be on a dentist who provides quality services. Make sure the dentist can relate well with kids. This way everyone will be comfortable.

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Hints of Finding a Psychotherapist

Hiring a professional psychotherapist will help to alleviate some of the stresses that a person has.The kind of counseling that you will get from a psychotherapist will help to ensure that your problems are sorted out.The number of psychotherapists who are available in the market are many.This poses a challenge on how to choose the right psychotherapist for you mental health.The hints that follow will help to find a psychotherapist who is good.

With the help of the credentials, you will have it easy to settle on a good therapist.With experience as well as skills possessed by a psychotherapist you will stand to have the right services.You should ensure that the psychotherapist you choose has a license so that to have an assurance of quality services.There are high chances that your mental problem will be sorted when a psychotherapist has a license.With right training a person will get qualifications so that to be a given a license of practice.You need to be aware of the unskilled psychotherapists who are available in the market without the skills and experience to offer the services you need.It is prudent that you assess the license which a psychotherapist has to know whether it is valid or not.The number which a psychotherapist offers for his/her license should be checked online so that to ascertain if it is valid or not.It may cost you expensively to have the right psychotherapist but you will have an assurance of quality services.

When finding a psychotherapist; you should consider reviews of customers.The importance of customer reviews is that they will help to determine the reputation of a psychotherapist.In order to be guaranteed of the right psychotherapist for your hire you need the advice of the previous clients.You will be assured of a psychotherapist who good by the help of clients because of accurate information they give.The psychotherapist who believes to be efficient will always give the referrals to ask for clarity about the services he/she offers.You need to contact the referrals so that to acquire some information about the services they obtained.With the help of advice of relatives as well as friends you will get a psychotherapist who is good.By the fact that you know these people they will not lie to you about the services they obtained.You will increase the chances of having the best psychotherapist by less time when you seek advice of the experienced relatives and friends.

A person will be guaranteed of quality services by finding a psychotherapist.The advantage of experience is that it helps a person to have quality services.In order to be sure that a psychotherapist will provide a solution to your problem, you need to look for a therapist who is experienced.You will be assured of recovery when the services offered by a psychotherapist who is experienced.

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Considerations to Make When Searching for an Active Adult Living

It is rewarding for an aged to decide and stay in an independent living community. However, the challenge that faces many is how to identify the right location and appropriate population with the desired amenities. As we all agree this task can be tiring though has its uniqueness and advantages to those who choose this kind of living. Discussed below are some of the essential considerations that you have to look for when selecting an active senior life.

Independent living community location is essential. According to some of the living communities, for instance, those in Walnut Creek CA, several senior homes will give you the comfort you desire for a loved one. It is essential to decide on a location that will serve the prevalence and expectations of all generations.

To some extent you may have to consult with home buyers who have various destinations that can meet your requirements. Some of the things they can help you identify are houses situated in geographical surroundings that you need as well as those within the vicinity of health facilities, shopping centers and many more. Besides you can as well get more details by searching online. Through online search you can get more info. about living communities that will match your needs. However, you need to put into considerations the proximity and mobility to your premises.

Cost of Living
It is essential you consider the cost of living before you make a decision to move into an independent living community. You ought to know about the tax implication that is related to this kind of living setting. Thus, it is your responsibility to analyze several situations and be extensively informed of the decisions you make. It is essential that you get a copy the bylaws that govern the property owners within your surrounding and that way you will be more informed.

Nature of The Community and The Facilities
Beware that active senior living is usually restricted. Generally the communities have some restrictions reliant on generations within which they can accommodate. Thereby, you have to evaluate further to have a clarity about the restrictions that are in the community setting you plan to enroll into. We have some settings that are constructed to accommodate those or at least 55 years and above. Others are open to everyone despite their age.As you research for an ideal community living, you should look into the amenities offered.

It is your effort that you should put into selecting a setting with quality residentialsExamine thoroughly to have a substantial proof that the houses are of good quality energy efficient and healthy. Take note, the essence of active adult living is to accommodate the seniors and retirees and that age group has to be considered from the initial stages of construction. Usually search residential how to achieve a certain level of comfort.

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What to Consider when Getting Help for Addiction from a Treatment Facility

Choosing a rehab facility is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you could ever make when you want to get help for addiction. When you are going through alcohol and drug abuse issues, chances are high you are also struggling with mental and physical problems. The major challenge, therefore, when getting help for addiction is finding a treatment facility that meets the demands of a needy person that may be mentally and physically incapacitated.

Further, an addict is likely to cause pain and suffering to their loved ones including parents, spouses, friends, children, sibling and other family. Therefore, a good addiction center should be able not just to address the addiction but also tackle matters to do with socio-economic effects of the addition on the addict’s life. It goes without mentioning; therefore, there are so many factors that ought to be considered when one is looking for a treatment facility. You can always start your search online, go through a website that has important questions to ask a rehab placement specialist. Some of the basic things to consider include the following once you have gathered enough info. on addiction and when the right is time to seek help.

Location of the rehab facility is one of the considerations that ought to be made. Distance from family, home and loved ones should be factored in especially if their being part of the treatment plan will help the addict recover better. As you will discover more about addiction treatment, the severity of the addiction will often determine the length and intensity of treatment so be sure to know how much treatment will cost.

The other consideration is whether or not the facility provides enough treatment and support services to the patients and their loved ones. No doubt you are paying for rehab services so enough professional help can be extended to put an end to pain and suffering brought about by alcohol and drug addiction. Therefore, you should be looking at evidence-based practices from a good rehab treatment facility. However, there are a couple of treatment models and therapies that have proven quite effective.

Individualized care is yet another critical aspect that defines a good treatment facility. It is a known fact that people have different challenges when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction issues. Be sure the treatment facility you choose addresses the key aspects that are sure to return the addict’s life to normalcy, which may include job and social skills, and mental health guidance and counseling. Before you pay for rehab services, be sure to gather more info. and read more on what their treatment plan entails. The good news is the internet has made access to information very easy and straightforward.

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What To Carefully Check Before Investing In A Biotechnology Company

There are many ways to invest and one of the most complex industries that you can invest in is with biotechnology companies that can have a good and promising future and at the same time a challenging one.

The many selections in the market is great and not knowing what to look for may either break or make your investment.

Your company or business might be planning on tie up and invest with a biotechnology company either under the scope of medical, agricultural, environmental, forensic, or industrial research and projects. However, if you want to make an assessment about which biotechnology companies to invest in, there are a few important things that you will need to look into and consider.

You have to learn more about the products and pipeline of the biotechnology company and ensure that they are working on more than one research ensuring that they are somehow stable. Then select a company with this product or products that are nearing the end of the R&D/ FDA approval as that would mean success is edging and soon enough these products will be out of the market. You also have to look into a company that have exclusive rights or patent to their research that will give you the assurance that its technology is protected.

You can also find the chance to view here the research and development strategies of the company as well as their ability develop and produce drugs that are cost-effective leading to breakthrough in therapies and the likes. Get info of the management of the company and see about that their line of management is competitive in the field of specialization, knowledge, experience, and expertise.

A successful company that have major researches in process must possess great partnerships and funding as well for the continuity of the programs, continued research and development until success is achieved. They must have solid collaborations and licensing partnerships that have a strong commitment to supporting as that can determine a strong foundation for the company too.

Funding, of course, is the most essential part of the business as that will fuel the continuity and survival of the research and projects especially that biotechnology is absolutely an expensive and long-term process that needs continuous funds.

Therefore, verify more about the financial stability and sustainability of the company and if possible it is much even better for this company does not rely on external financing.

When a biotechnology company have a promising product pipeline, trusted patents, talented and skilled management, durable partnerships and reliable access to funds, you can never go wrong in your investment and you can expect better returns in the long run.

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Guidelines To Consider When Selecting An Addiction Rehab Center

You will find that nowadays addiction rehab centers are quite known by many people because many individuals are seeking the services of the center quite a lot. Keep in mind that the rehab centers will always ensure that they offer a safe and comfortable environment for anyone who is recovering from an addiction. Keep in mind that substance addiction is usually known to be really bad because at the end of the day one usually does not perform well on a database when it comes to their daily chores then most of the times someone who finds themselves just staying at home without worrying about their responsibilities. If someone is always idle they will most of the times find themselves hanging around bad companies which is usually one of the reasons that usually leads to substance addiction.Keep in mind that when it comes to rehab centers they are usually one of the best places that anyone who is an addict can grow because at the end of the day one is able to recover from the addiction as they are isolated from the outside world where there is a lot of temptations to go back to substance abuse. Another thing is that ones you are in the center, you will be able to meet other addicts which is a good thing because they are able to share their stories and the addicts in the center can push each other into making it and ensuring they fight the addiction. The good thing about going to such a center is that you will be able to interact with many people and most of the times they tend to end up being lifetime friends.Below are some guidelines that will help you when choosing an addiction rehab center.

You can never regret choosing a rehab center that has been there for a number of years in the industry. Keep in mind that you can never regret choosing the services of an addiction rehabilitation center because they are known to be the best, and at the end of the day they will always deliver good service to their clients. When you go to such a rehabilitation center you will be glad that you chose it because the staff are known to be the best when it comes to delivering the best service and they are known to be professional as they ensure that they carefully patients during the recovery period.People are usually advised to ensure that they are not in a rush when choosing a page rehabilitation center so that they can learn ensure that they choose a rehabilitation center that has a good reputation in the industry as they always ensure that they deliver good service. Such centers have been in the industry for the longest time; therefore, they have gathered many years of experience, and they have dealt with so many addiction cases; therefore, they know how to handle different cases. Keep in mind that you can never regret seeking the services of such an addiction rehab center because they rarely disappoint at all.